Io Capitano

We regretfully were unable to locate any streaming deals for Io Capitano. It seems like “Io Capitano” was designed with the Best International Feature Oscar in mind. This particular kind of movie, which is typically mediocre but always well-meaning, is meant to evoke strong emotions in Oscar voters by elevating “important” tales to a prestige … Read more

Red Right Hand

Regretfully, Red Right Hand does not currently have any available streaming offerings. Big Cat, an Appalachian drug lord played by Andie MacDowell, purrs, “If you’re gonna survive in these hills, you’ll have to get used to a little blood,” right before she has her minions feed a Sheriff’s officer to her guard dogs. With a … Read more

Ordinary Angels

Sadly, we were unable to locate any streaming deals for Ordinary Angels. We don’t have to hate the journey to a movie just because we know where it’s headed. That’s particularly true when it features a strong script and a two-time Oscar winner playing a character that audiences love for three main reasons: she’s a … Read more


We were sorry, but we were unable to locate any Seagrass streaming options. In the gripping character study “Seagrass,” written by Meredith Hama-Brown, Carol (Sarah Gadon) wonders, “Do you need a reason to be unhappy?” The narrative explores how grief frequently leads to other suppressed feelings and perhaps even tragedies. That question raises an interesting … Read more

They Shot the Piano Player

Sadly, We Shot the Piano Player doesn’t currently have any streaming offers available. Twenty years ago, Spanish director Fernando Trueba, who co-directed “They Shot the Piano Player,” stumbled onto the work of Brazilian keyboardist Francisco Tenorio JĂșnior in a record store. He vanished in 1976 while on tour in Buenos Aires after briefly leaving his … Read more

The Goldfinger

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any streaming offers for Jin shouzhi. The highly anticipated film “The Goldfinger,” a recent Hong Kong import helmed by Felix Chong, who also co-wrote the previous film, features Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Andy Lau, the captivating co-stars of the 2002 thriller “Infernal Affairs,” which inspired two sequels and served as the … Read more

You Can’t Stay Here

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any streaming offers for You Can’t Stay Here. The thriller “You Can’t Stay Here” by Todd Verow transports audiences to the center of the Ramble, Central Park’s popular rendezvous that was immortalized in William Friedkin’s “Cruising,” for an intriguing mystery that is partially based on actual events. The AIDS epidemic is … Read more

Society of the Snow

In his opening remarks, Roger Ebert praised the 1993 movie “Alive” and said, “Some stories are just not meant to be told. Perhaps one of them is the tale of the Andes survivors.” He might have been correct. Stories about the October 13, 1972, crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 in the Andes mountains … Read more

Night Swim

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any streaming offers for Night Swim. Just when you thought it was safe to return to the water, Blumhouse releases their yearly January horror film, “Night Swim.” The calendar position of “Night Swim” is the same as that of “M3GAN” from the previous year. And even if nothing could ever match … Read more


Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any streaming offers for Mayhem!. A promise appears in a title with an exclamation point. Mayhem isn’t the name of the year’s opening action movie; it’s just Mayhem! As you purchase your ticket, you are expected to exclaim it with excitement. even if “Mayhem” would be a better term to use. … Read more