Last Stop Larrimah

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any streaming offers for Last Stop Larrimah. A cute little documentary called “Last Stop Larrimah” is entertaining. The movie first paints a picture of a bunch of wisecracking residents who call this outpost in the middle of nowhere home. They are largely old and live in a little hamlet with a … Read more

Joan Baez: I Am a Noise

Looking at this title, one may think, “A noise? Really?” After all, Joan Baez’s voice is generally considered as one of the most gorgeous—some could even say best—in all of popular music.It’s a voice that has inspired many people around the globe and continues to do so decades after she passed away, inspiring singers like … Read more

Pet Sematary: Bloodlines

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any streaming offers for Pet Sematary: Bloodlines. Sometimes the joke is so obvious that it irritates people. There’s more to “Sometimes dead is better” than the famous remark from “Pet Sematary,” which is frequently uttered with a comedic imitation of a Maine accent. It also makes for a witty title debating … Read more

My Sailor, My Love

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any streaming offers for My Sailor, My Love. The Finnish director Klaus Härö’s English-language debut, “My Sailor, My Love,” centers on a tense story of familial love gone wrong and romantic love discovered almost too late. Despite its best efforts, it frequently sacrifices the most analytical elements of its family drama … Read more

The Storms of Jeremy Thomas

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any streaming offers for The Storms of Jeremy Thomas. Both the writing and making of films by Mark Cousins are well known. The overlap between the two is so great that a circle would be used to represent their relationship in a Venn diagram if you attempted to create one. Cousins … Read more

Something You Said Last Night

For Something You Said Last Night, we were unable to locate any streaming deals. In “Something You Said Last Night,” the feature directorial debut of Luis De Filippis, a family vacation gets off to a rocky start. When her disapproving mother, Mona (Ramona Milano), isn’t looking, Ren (Carmen Madonia) sneaks puffs from her illegal vape … Read more

It Lives Inside

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any streaming offers for It Lives Inside. It opens with a normal view of a camera panning through a modest but dilapidated house. Dead, mangled bodies are scattered throughout the residence’s hallways. An open basement door is letting forth screams. We descend rickety steps to a body that has been burned … Read more


Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any streaming offers for Foe. Hen and Junior (Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal) are not a happy couple. In the harsh environment of the not-too-distant future, the flame of their first love appears to have faded. The year is 2065, our world has been destroyed, and people are looking to the … Read more

Strange Way of Life

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any streaming offers for Strange Way of Life. It makes perfect sense for a writer/director who enjoys intense feeling to be drawn to the Western genre. One might initially claim that the genre is more about repressed masculinity than the traditional Pedro Almodóvar brand of filmmaking, but this genre also has … Read more


Benicio Del Toro slinks and weaves his way through Grant Singer’s first thriller, “Reptile,” but the picture struggles to establish a strong identity around him and ultimately falls apart. The music video veteran Singer, who has worked with artists like The Weeknd, Skrillex, Sam Smith, and others, is clearly influenced by David Fincher’s meticulousness. “Reptile” … Read more