Dumb Money

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any streaming offers for Dumb Money. Craig Gillespie’s “Dumb Money” gathers a handful of the key and minor actors in the GameStop short squeeze of 2021 and presents their narrative in an insightful fashion, demonstrating the inequities on the playing field of the financial market. But the movie always remembers to … Read more

Pain Hustlers

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any streaming offers for Pain Hustlers. If “Pain Hustlers” leaned toward some extreme of either fantastic or dreadful, good or disappointing, it would be much simpler to write about. Instead, director David Yates’ star-studded opioid exposé is just a dull account of Liza Drake (Emily Blunt), a motivated single mother whose … Read more

Outlaw Johnny Black

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any streaming offers for The Outlaw Johnny Black. With his cult film “Black Dynamite,” Michael Jai White launched the Blaxploitation subgenre back in 2009. The comedic film was an oddity of Black filmmaking at the time, unlike any other; Tyler Perry movies were out of control, and the first Black Disney … Read more

A Haunting in Venice

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any streaming offers for A Haunting in Venice. The Hercule Poirot films starring Kenneth Branagh’s are all excellent, but “A Haunting in Venice” is the greatest. The way Branagh and screenwriter Michael Green dissect and recreate the basic material (Agatha Christie’s Hallowe’en Party) to create a persistently brilliant, aesthetically complex “old” … Read more

Rosario Dawson is a Force to Follow in Disney+ Series Ahsoka

“Ahsoka,” the eagerly awaited Rosario Dawson film, definitely depends on a connection to previously portrayed characters to drive its opening emotional arcs. So, if you aren’t already involved in Sabine Wren, Ezra Bridger, Hera Syndulla, and other characters from past works like the Star Wars animated series “Rebels,” you can feel lost during the first … Read more

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake is a Delightful Reintroduction to the Land of Ooo

When it debuted in 2010, “Adventure Time” by Pendleton Ward captivated Cartoon Network’s audience. It stood out from other animated programs of the era with its vibrant color scheme, song and dance breaks, and voice acting, producing enduring icons that continue to influence pop culture today. Initially, the show followed a little boy named Finn … Read more

Prime Video’s The Wheel of Time Continues Its Dull Fantasy Worldbuilding in Season Two

Another season of “The Wheel of Time” seems particularly unnecessary in a world when even Prime Video’s multi-billion dollar “Lord of the Rings” series doesn’t seem to have achieved the level of mass popularity they anticipated. Less than a year before “The Rings of Power,” the first season made its Prime Video debut. This was … Read more

Apple TV+’s The Changeling Lets Down Its Flawless, Profound Performances

A TV show with an intriguing premise and excellent performances but without the cohesiveness and structural discipline to be great is one of the most aggravating things in pop culture criticism. Kelly Marcel’s “The Changeling” is based on Victor LaValle’s novel of the same name; the author narrates each episode of the series, though his … Read more